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I am Caroline Berger better known as Black-Hornis. I am an Actress & Model.

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I am Black-Hornis
My Caroline Berger Storie

Hey, thanks for taking an interest in my Person. I am Caroline Berger better known under my Pseudonym Black-Hornis Actress Model. I have been a successful Entrepreneur, Actress & Model for more than eight Years. I decided more than ten Years ago to do something completely different in my Life than what life has prescribed for me. Today I am successfully integrated in the Global Business with my Company, the Black-Hornis® A&C Media Company LLC. in Miami as well as in Hamburg. In addition, I have starred in many German but also US-American Series & Movies.

But I don't only shoot "normal" Movies and I don't only get photographed for Advertising-, Calendar-, Poster-, or Online Purposes. Because I have many other Talents. Modelling as a Photo Model or Catwalk Model, for this I was trained specially and had to Show hard Discipline. But I did it and I am proud of it. Two times a year I fly from Hamburg to Miami & back. In Miami I live a whole three quarters of a Year, in Germany I only live a Quarter of the Year mostly at the beginning of autumn & Christmas Time. If you want to know more about me, click through my whole Black-Hornis Website now. I wish you a lot of fun with Caroline Berger Model aka Black-Hornis Actress.

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My Last Black-Hornis Works

From Photo Shootings, Sexuality / Pornography Topics, Indoor & Outdoor Shots to the happy Model my previous Work!

Photography Projects

I Love
Good & Professional
Photo Projects

Photographs where I work as a Model and see myself later, for example on a Poster, in a Fashion Magazine or online, I think it's just great, I love my Work as a Model. For me the best Work in the World!

I like Sexuality & Pornography

Everybody does it,
but nobody talks

Here we come to Topics that are beautiful, but are frowned upon in public. I am talking about Pornography and Sexuality. Everyone does it in public sometimes very discreetly for himself. There are countless possibilities for Men & Women. Yet nobody talks about it, why not?

Love Outdoor & Indoor Recordings

Here it says:
Show what
you can do

Ohhh yes Outdoor Shots, that is my all beloved thing. I really come out of my shell when I'm shooting outdoors, especially in spring and Summertime. There I am completely in my Element. Sometimes I get really great Ideas for interior Shots. So all in one I love it!

Lucky Model & Actress

I am a
happy &
content Woman

I am a very happy and satisfied Woman. I am healthy, I have no big Problems, I don't need much myself, I live my Lifestyle, which some People find very bitter. But I do not care.I love my Life as it is! Come laugh again 😅 😂.


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