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Who or what is Black-Hornis?

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Black-Hornis is my stage name! Here I explain to you how I got my pseudonym "Black-Hornis". As you can imagine, there is hardly a person called "Black" by first name. On the other hand with the surname "Hornis". Black-Hornis is today in certain circles a world brand, a fashion brand, a fashion label as well as an erotic and porn brand. When I started to gain a foothold in the erotic, porn industry, I didn't want to start by giving my true name. Here I sat and thought for weeks about a suitable pseudonym. It just didn't work out. Since I like the black color, I've already made "black" only to call it "black" is also somehow stupid, had to add an extra. Since I was a student then, I had to read a lot about history. I have written about a former ruler in Patagonia (today Argentina), who happened to be called Hornis. That's how my pseudonym and today's brand and company name Black-Hornis came into being!

Today I work with the Name Black-Hornis as an Actress and Model Worldwide. It's a lot of fun to confuse people when I'm approached as a model with my Pseudonym Black-Hornis. When Directors ask me about a Movie or a Studio. They all use my Name Black-Hornis, I am an Actress with another Name!

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How did my life as Black-Hornis begin?

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In 2005 I started my Black-Hornis erotic and porn career. "It was never really my dream to play in a porn or to have success in this industry, it was a coincidence - like so many things in life. "It all started when I made our city uncertain with good friends, evening after night. A friend of mine asked me funny one evening, when we all sat in a nice round in a table dance shop at seed, if I would not like to have photos of me and would like to appear in an erotic show. I denied this immediately! Much later, after about 6 months, I got the offer to participate in a movie. But what a "movie" true, I did not know until then. It was supposed to be a very special movie.

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My life as Black-Hornis in a short Vid!

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Imagine, as an absolute novice and ignorant but you have neugiriger man the opportunity to get an insight into a scene that is otherwise quite closed! This scene is absolutely undesirable to the rest of humanity! Why this scene on many people nasty offense that I explain to you in my next exclusive Caroline blog! The theme of the exclusive blog: "The oh but evil erotic world!" Back to the actual topic. Now you have looked into the scene and what happens to you? Suddenly you like it so much in this environment that you decide to stay there. Not only the fun is huge, the merit can be quite positive. You make money with your body! Interest? Where can you earn money as a woman or as a man in the erotic, porn industry? First of all, ask yourself the following questions: Where and what are your strengths, what can you do especially well? When you find out, it goes to the next question. You are cute? Ask your friends, family, social media to take photos from time to time, the reaction should not be long in coming. And continue to ask such questions. You can, for example, as a dancer, sex worker, webcam girl, programmer, stripper, adult advertising, Adult Influencer, ..... as in any other Brance, there are also in the adult industries that keep everything going. So I came voluntarily into this "busy scene", that was my beginning. Today I have more than fourteen years of erotic and porn experience. And no end in sight!

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The opposite of that time, today!

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As a Black Hornis, I am from the year 2019 even deeper immersed in the erotic industry. I'm more open with my job today than I was before. Today I live and work not only in Germany, Hamburg, but also in Miami, Florida for more than five years. My media company, today's Black-Hornis® A & C Media Company LLC. Mi,which I founded in Germany at that time, has its two respective headquarters in the US and in Germany. Every year from October to March I am in Germany in the best city Northern Germany has to offer, Hamburg. But as soon as it gets March, I'll be home in Miami Beach until October. To my company. My German company is responsible for general erotic advertising, erotic marketing, porn marketing, creation of suitable fair advertising, online, offline and TV advertising blocks. My American business in Miami, on the other hand, has to do with erotic and pornographic photography, porn production, general erotic and pornographic commercials, creation and worldwide sales.

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How is my life today? My change!

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I was very active in the scene. But what does a change really mean to me? Every job is difficult, every job has a certain claim, mine was definitely not without! Fun, friends, quality of life, very good money, changes, getting to know new things in general, new people, new surroundings, everything I wanted to do. Today I am glad that I did this job for years! Today I left the real "filthy" behind me and still work in this environment, only "cleaner". Let's get to the present. My life today has become much more relaxed and calm. Because today I work in my own company. I work with my staff in Miami but also in Germany, where I personally like Miami better. I take care of erotic events in my company, sales shows on TV. In my own "Tv-Naked Weather Channel" in Miami, my erotic co-workers with certain irritations for the audience presented the entire weather for the state of Florida. Yes you can say I am extremely well in my current life. I travel a lot, be it Dubai, be it South Africa, or just back to Germany with my German friends and close friends. I have also been asked by my several fans if I still have time to shoot porn vids. Because I am always a porn actress. For my fans, I always like to have time to shoot one or more pornos. Because the hunger for porn must also be satisfied. My online fans and followers are very, very important to me! Is it good for my fans and followers, I'm fine too!

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