About the Miami Model

Hey! I'm Caroline Berger, a girl born in Germany , Berlin . I'm better known by my pseudonym Black-Hornis, of course. I live in Germany in the beautiful city of Hamburg & in Miami Florida. On my website you can find out, for example, more private, or something that is not in the public domain, that is, more private life of me. I fly back and forth between the United States & Germany twice a year.

But more than eight years ago I was drawn from Germany to Miami, where I live and work three quarters of the year. I work in Miami and Hamburg but not only as an actress & model. In Miami I am the boss of 82 employees of my media company.

Now you already know a lot about me. Look around on my website, read and inform yourself. If you want to get in contact with me, you can use the social media sites as my fan & follower. Interest aroused, send message now. Your actress and model from Miami!

  • Name : Caroline Berger
  • Born :February 22nd, 1987
  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Hair Color : Red
  • Nationality : German | European
  • Body Type : Athletic & Toned
  • Height : 5'9" or 175 cm
  • Weight : 150 lbs or 68 kg
  • Languages : German | English & more
  • Resident : Hamburg | Miami
  • Pseudonym : Black-Hornis
  • Job : Actress | Model

More About Actress from Germany

I Black-Hornis aka Caroline Berger will soon open my online shop for merchandiser products. There you can buy everything from me Black-Hornis. But if you can't wait, you can already order something small today by mail to my team, if you know exactly what you like. Have fun!

You want to learn as much as possible about me now? Then please read on here and always remember, stay curious, there is a lot to learn from Black-Hornis!

I am an actress for movies and series as well as I am a model for some other photo shootings. Other photos mean nude, exotic as well as erotic photo shootings.

My pseudonym Black-Hornis is sought after and demanded in the US-American erotic world. At the same time Black-Hornis is a well-known US and German erotic brand. I also run my own fashion label.Despite the fact that I was born and raised in Germany, I am rather unknown in Germany. Which, to be honest, I don't find sad.In the United States, I am known as the "German Porno Girl", which many would find offensive, but I find it a kind of flattery.

As a Black-Hornis, I am under contract with prominent photographers and professional video productions in the USA. Many famous advertising shots for various big world brands like Lacoste, Armani, Nike, NFL and my business partners and others. I have worked as a model and actress in several countries around the world. But I am not only active as a photo model and actress.

I have built up a large media network over the last nine years where I live in the USA. My media company is my mainstay! With my company I work with many well-known US TV stations as well as US video production companies.I live in the United States from March - October. In the middle to end of October I fly back to Germany. I then stay in Germany from October - March.

As an actress I regularly act in German and US productions. Many people believe that actors are stuck-up and choose the right series and movies. It is a typical cliché. I, for example, don't want to have to choose my movies and series at all, I leave this stress level to others.Because I am not a world star who wants to afford this luxury. On the other hand I like to stay the way I am.

Also at my professional photo shootings worldwide, I often see such clichés, but since it doesn't concern me, I just let it go and concentrate on my job.As a photo model I am flexible. I feel myself as: sexy, attractive, enchanting, adorable and exciting! Maybe you have even seen me on an advertising poster in your city.

My media company in Miami deals digitally with global advertising strategies, presentation, creation, output and development for individuals and companies.So my dear, maybe we meet on the street, in Hamburg or in Miami. And go for coffee together. Then you can ask me all your open questions.

Greetings to your Caroline Berger

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