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Hello, here you are now in the area of - do it yourself or do it yourself. It is related to, today there is almost everything, but what there is not, so I always think, then I just make it myself. I love homemade things, because you appreciate them as a person completely different than purchased items. Or how do you see it? I love to craft, whether it's for Christmas, birthdays, or if my time allows, just in between. So enter and experience how I make your Caroline Berger or Black-Hornis it to myself.šŸ˜‰ Your princess of the selfmade.

my free time is
Homemade DIY time

Sure I try as much as possible in my spare time to tinker and create homemade things. For example, you can see below in the three pictures my self-made items and clothes, the coat in picture one is sewn by myself. The dreamcatcher is also handmade by me and the somewhat funny looking coffee filter, I use it every day for my coffee.

caroline berger homemade diy handmade black-hornis do it yourself
Fantastic Homemade
Caroline Homemade

Do it yourself
and handmade is fun!

It's incredibly very fun to bring things to life, no matter what the material. I make my own hand soap, detergent, scarves for the cold seasons or I just designer around a bit. My imagination on the subject of homemade is unbeatable and completely limitless, because everything that occurs to me, I try to implement immediately. Of course, time also plays an important role here. But still I try to implement my craft project or the idea in my basement room immediately. It makes me incredibly much fun. Try it yourself.

Black-Hornis &
Caroline Berger loves homemade & handmade things

My spontaneous Idea:

Here you see a completely spontaneous and not planned idea of mine. This is a dice game. This game is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly, because this game is made of pure cardboard, which you and I throw in the trash every day.

I was cleaning out my attic and discovered dirty and bent cardboard, that's when this dice game idea came to me. Just completely spontaneous.

The cubes are very stable and you can paint them and design them as you want.

Greetings Caroline Berger

Caroline Berger Idea
Black-Hornis & Caroline BergerĀ“s
Conclusion on:DIY - Made
So, now I have led you through my realm of ideas, I hope you have filled up your idea budget and now switch to another page of my homepage and that of new impressions and ideas.
Such ideas you get usually not in boredom or on compulsion, but completely spontaneously and out of the desire, even with myself it sometimes takes well over months until I get ideas again. Very dear and imaginative wishes, I wish you. Your Caroline Berger
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