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  • Author: Caroline Berger
  • Year: 2020 / 2021
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  • Running / Walking
  • Riding a Bike
  • Jogging
  • Train with your purchases (Weights Carrying)
  • Work while standing (if possible)
  • Go to sleep sooner
  • Eat healthier
  • and much more...

Are you also the type of person who likes to be cosy and comfortable? You are definitely not alone with that! Around 78 percent of the modern population likes it just as much as you do. But now you have said to yourself, now is the time to do something against laziness? What do you suggest, what can you do alone against your laziness? Many people talk, but very few do it. Become more sporty? Good idea, but how? Start with easy things. Start to be more active in your daily routine. Seven things that you could easily incorporate into your everyday life:

Do I need a Gym to
become more Sporty & Active?

I Caroline Berger can answer this question with a definite no! You don't need a Fitness Center to become active. Later on, when you have found it fun, you might need such a place, but in the beginning, you don't need it! You can integrate sports activities into your everyday life as described above. Or, if your everyday stress allows it, you can organize your Sports lessons yourself. Sports, Fitness or strenuous Activities call it what you want, but they all have one thing in common: Self-Discipline! If you don't have Self-Discipline and don't believe in your Success, no matter how far off, you will remain a Loser! Are you a Loser?

Sporty Black-Hornis
Grandiose Black-Hornis
Fanatastic Body
Black-Hornis says: Not thinking,not talking, doing!

Black-Hornis says: Not thinking,
not talking, doing!

Did you know that every human being like you carries your Caroline Berger a pet inside? Now we come to the question: How do I overcome my pig dog? The bastard you carry inside you must be removed immediately! In order to be successful & above all to remain active in sports in the long term, there must be no excuses, evasions, appointments or other obstacles. Create the space you need for your sporting success. Be strong, stay strong & your goal, what you have, will come to you faster than you ever expected - promised! Black-Hornis wishes you enormous success in your sporting endeavors!

Grandiose Body from Caroline Berger
Sporty Caroline Berger
Body from Caroline Berger
Black-Hornis Body

Caroline Berger
The Personality


My Name is Caroline Berger alias Black-Hornis. I am a Worldwide Model and Actress. But how did it come to such a transformation? From Dumpling to Beauty:

It was an extremely hard, bloody, annoying, exhausting and malicious way over many Years! Nobody believed in it, not even myself, that I could hold out until the end and really make it.

With my own willpower, discipline, friendship and a lot of courage to change, I made it for myself! Yes, I am very proud and happy to have gone this extreme way for me.

Do you recognize me in the Picture?

Caroline Berger
Grandiose Body from Caroline Berger
Caroline Berger
My closing words to you personally:
"I would like to write you a few words about your project. So that you can enjoy your sportive project longer and it is a little easier for you at the beginning. Everybody does not like sports at the beginning. Don't bother with small things, concentrate, always keep your goal within reach. Never do sports activities at the beginning of a year. Always make sure that there are people around you who have the same intentions as you, so you increase your desire. Because nobody wants to be a loser in a group, right?"
And now dig in ... good luck and we'll see you at a sports event.
Your Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis.
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