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  • YEAR: 2008 - 2021
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    Which sex positions do I like?
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    My Sex To-Do list - What I Like:
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  • Sex with Love-Toys
  • Oral Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Phone Sex
  • Sex in the Car
  • Sex in the Shower, Bathtub & Pool
  • Sex with role Plays
  • Satisfy each other by Hand
  • Sex with a Woman
  • 3s & more
  • Quickie
  • masturbate in front of each other
  • Outdoor Sex,Public Places,Beach Sex
  • Footjob
  • Secret Sex
  • Squirting during Sex
  • Cyber / Webcam Sex
  • Directions Dirty Sex
  • Satisfy someone with a Love-Toy

Hey, good to see you. Now let's get to the topic of what is frowned upon and despised in public. But why is this so, why is eroticism, sexuality and pornography not tolerated in public? If you ask me, I do not know. I only see that, for example, many certain websites on the Internet are not presented in the way they should actually be in the Google ranking. Or let's take another example: Go through the city in summer, put on a miniskirt as a woman, what happens? As a woman you are immediately called a prostitute, slut and much more. As a woman, go completely naked on your balcony/terrace and let other people look at you, what do you think, what do the others think about you now? Do you as a woman openly deal with, for example, your erotic, sexual and pornographic work in public. You are immediately despised, portrayed as stupid and absolutely not taken seriously anymore. I find such behavior in the 21st century completely excessive, & absolutely stupid! As a Black-Hornet I don't care about all this! Because I know what and who I really am, what I have learned to appreciate in my work and I can only laugh about it.You can find my Sexual Fantasy List below.

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Sexuality &
Pornography Project

Many of you know that I have also starred in some Porn Movies from time to time. Also I am often Online with the Webcam. I like to present myself, because I have a fantastic Body that sprouts with sexuality, I like to stand by what I do and have fun doing it, so why shouldn't I show you all that? Come visit me & watch me perform my actions in my Films, which are so frowned upon and completely inappropriately portrayed in Public. Of course I am also very much looking forward to your visit in my Webcam. What are you waiting for?

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Why people must always think that Adult Content must always have something to do with Eroticism, Pornography or Sex? Is it the society the Media that has such power over People? Yes I am also a Woman who likes to be naked, do I have a Problem with that, No absolutely not. I also like to be naked outdoors, I also have Outdoor Sex. I work as a Model & Actress and if there is a Photo or a small Clip of me naked desired, I do it very gladly. So I am open for new naked Projects! Your Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis

Photo Project
Black-Hornis Model
My Idea Project
Model & Actress

Caroline Berger
Your Model!

I am your model not only for "normal" Content, but I am also available for Erotic, Sexual & Pornographic Photos and Movies.

For this Area please note the following:

Please Contact the Black-Hornis Team seriously and especially with your entire request (verifiable professional experience, certificates and references and more). Your request will of course be treated with complete confidentiality & discretion.

I hope for a long and pleasant cooperation with you.

Your Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis

Caroline Berger Neon Photo Model
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  • Forbidden & Dangerous role plays
  • Sex with several Women & Men
  • Use several Sex Toys at the same Time
  • Domination of Woman & Man
  • Get to know strangers & ...
  • To be observed during Sex or satisfaction
  • Bondage, SM, BDSM
  • Very eager to Experiment
  • Let me be satisfied by a Woman
  • Come to orgasm publicly
  • Extremely powerful Orgasm
  • Sexual hard Orgy
  • and many more ...
Here you can see my Erotic, Sexual & Pornographic Fantasy List, my List is of course not finished yet. But nevertheless you can already see, quite "normal", what you can call normal at all, is not this list, right? Which Fantasies do you have? Write me your Fantasies on my own Page in the Chat. On my Side we are both completely alone! My Sexual & Erotic Side. Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis your Model & Actress.
Outdoor or Indoor