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What I do, My Offers

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Black-Hornis Actress & Caroline Berger Model

Advertising Recordings
in Film
or Photo

  • Digital Marketing

  • Creative Design

  • Analytics & Marketing

  • Digital Branding

  • Ideas Workshop

  • Media Content

  • Classical Marketing

  • Guerrilla Marketing

  • Direct Marketing

  • Performance Marketing

We the Black-Hornis® A&C Media Company from Miami & Hamburg see ourselves as "helpers" for you, your Company, your Brand and your Offers. We offer you the right Model for your Online Advertising Offers, your Television commercials or Poster Advertising Campaigns. Are you looking for a Model for a Photo shoot or for your Television commercial? Contact us now! Bring your brand, your offer with us to the right People. Marketing of offers has never been so easy with us. We are looking forward to your Contact!

Black-Hornis the extraordinary Model & Actress

Turning the
extraordinary into
the ordinary

  • SEO & Marketing

  • Digital Products

  • Online Marketing

  • Product Design

  • Strategy & Planing

  • Media Promotion

  • Product

  • Place

  • Price

  • Promotion

With our many Years of experience, we not only bring standardized experience into Play, but also with Eroticism & Pornography you have a reliable but also discreet Partner at your side. Even Caroline Berger Model & Actress, has several years of reliable and professional knowledge in this field. Benefit from a Partner who knows what her Customers want and will like.

Caroline Berger Indoor & Outdoor Model Shots no Problem!

Open-minded, exceptional,
respectful &

  • Content Marketing

  • Market Research

  • Environment Consulting

  • User Interface

  • User Experience

  • Experts & Analytics

  • Crossmedia Marketing

  • Event Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Neuromarketing

  • Experts & Talents

We Black-Hornis® A&C Media Company & Caroline Berger the Model help you to realize your Products, Projects, Offers as well as your Ideas for the implementation of your Advertising Strategy. Get to know Caroline Berger alias Black-Hornis the extravagant, extroverted and completely extraordinary Model and Actress at one of her Projects. Get in Contact Now!

My Professional Skills

Have I been able to convince you of my skills and years of experience in various areas of photography and as an actress? So I look forward to reading from you, please send your email to me here. Thank you very much!

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