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Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis

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Caroline Berger fantastic.

Caroline Erotic Photo Model.

Caroline just fantastic!

Black-Hornis Redhead Model

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Caroline Berger Fantastic Model

Beautiful Dark Dream

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Beautiful View

Your Imagination,is my...!

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Black-Hornis the Exclusive Redhead Model!

Short about Caroline Berger

Hi! I'm Caroline Berger

... better known by my pseudonym Black-Hornis. I am a fashion and Photo Model and an american Actress. I live and work in the Summer Months in Miami. In the Winter Months, however, I am in Germany. Where I was born over thirty years ago. In Germany I visit a part of my Family, Friends and of course my City. Enough of me, let's take a closer look at this beautiful Gallery.

Here you are in my beautiful Gallery. Here you will find only really exclusive and really stunning Pictures of me your Caroline. I wish you lots of fun watching my free Gallery. If you would like to hear something new from me, or if you would like to miss my new Pictures, then simply filmge me on Facebook or on Instagram. Also on my Social Media Channels, you can like my Posts, Pictures, or even Videos like and comment. Of course, I am especially happy about your subscription to my Channels.

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