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Homemade or Handmade both is Great!

"Do it yourself"
is a matter of course
for me!

Do you know why I like going to German Christmas Markets? Because there you can always find Homemade things. These so-called Self-Productions are just great. I also like to do Handicrafts according to the Motto: "Do it yourself" I love it.

Shopping Queen Worldwide

Every Person & his Daily Goal
Black-Hornis Worldwide Shopping
Also on Vacation

A Carefree Shopping experience, for example, is offered in the United Arab Emirates. Here you are protected against Fraudsters! On the other hand, one experiences a true paradise here. Culture, People & their open way of Life, that is what Fascinates me again & again.

Now it will be Sporty!

Ice skating is not difficult,
it is just like skating
on Ice!

Being Sporty as a Person is an absolute obstacle for many! I like to do Sports, I ride my Bike, Jogging is a daily must for me! Or I lift weights in my favorite Gym. Or when I have absolutely no desire, my Trainer just comes to my Home!

My Free Time

Console games
fantastic fans & viewers
and of course Twitch - Black-Hornis

I am alone in my Home, I get bored sometimes, but what do I do about it? Sure, I take out my Game Console, pick out a game that I feel like playing, connect the Social Platform Twitch & play until I can't play about anymore. Sometimes I feel like that too. That's what I call my Free Time, too!