Happy Actress
aka Caroline Berger
Satisfied Model

  • happy as a Model & Actress
  • YEAR: 2007 - 2021
  • Black-Hornis & Caroline Berger
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Two Personalities in
One Person are Happy & Satisfied
Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis

Many people ask me, if I am satisfied in my life, which I searched for, found and live by myself? Yes, I am very satisfied with it, because I took my life into my own hands, did a lot for it to be happy and satisfied. That was my wish for myself.

I am happy
as a Private Person & Actress

What also makes me very happy among other things are my jobs, because I love my model jobs and acting jobs very much. As well as my daily motivation is that I always receive support. For example, I receive suitable assistance from friends, family and work colleagues as well as my personal team every day. Furthermore, I also bear responsibility for several people and their families, I am talking about my employees here. My employees are not just my employees, they are my family. I am always there for my family, because after all you are for me too. For these and other reasons, I am just a happy and satisfied model and actress and business manager.

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Photo Projects

Joyful jobs
a satisfied model
and actress
Together a carefree
and successful life

For my job as a model & actress I am always very happy. I am available to them with pleasure as a photo, model and actress. Please contact my team first. Thank you very much! Since I love to travel to all countries of the world, I am also always on the road and therefore possibly sometimes in their area. I love my jobs! To lead a carefree, happy as well as a content life, you also need a great job. I am happy and successful in what I do in my jobs. Since I am free and don't have to answer to anyone. To add to that, I also have a great team and management, which has already made many great and satisfying decisions for me. So in short, yes, I am a happy, successful, satisfied photo model and actress. Yours Caroline Berger and Black-Hornis.

Photo Project
Black-Hornis Model
My Idea Project
Model & Actress

Caroline Berger aka
Black-Hornis Your
Actress & Photo Model!

I am your Model for:

Incredible photo shoots in the following areas:

Erotic, Risky, Nude, Dangerous, Loud, Silent, Stunning, Sexual, Beautiful, Funny, Pornographic, Outdoor & Indoor content.

Video shoots in the following areas:

Pornographic, Sexual, Nude, Loud, Dangerous, Forbidden, Stunning, Silent, Beautiful, Funny, Risky and Outdoor & Indoor content.

Are you enthusiastic? Then we look forward to your contact request with us. And we are looking forward to a great cooperation and a successful project together.

Caroline Berger Photo Model
You want to shoot with me a photo shoot or filming for your project? You want discretion, friendliness and professionalism on your set? You get that and much more with me her Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis with an expert management and team. Your professional photo model and actress. Please contact my team here!
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