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  • Author: Caroline Berger
  • Year: 2021
  • Blog Post: Freetime
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Well, you curious gamer, I am very pleased that you are interested in my game and leisure time. Yes, many of you don't know that I love to play consoles or computer online games. From this year 2021 on, the Live Streaming Video Portal Twitch will be added. I am extremely seldom on the road for example for Game Conversations. But I am still interested in new & especially strong good Games. In the list you can see which consoles and Computers I own and with which I like to go Online. Your Caro

I in my free time
games I like to play at Twitch!

Playing games online is a lot of fun. But it gets really good when you have a huge and fantastic fan community behind you. Thanks here to my fans at this point! I do not deny all this at all. But where it becomes dangerous, you should press the brake as fast as possible. I play myself, once I start, I can hardly stop, yes it is like an addiction! That's why I often take some time off and try to get away from all the online stuff and relax. Yes I am offline for several days or even weeks. Try that, it is honestly not that difficult. Please stay healthy and be greeted by me with love.

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Fantastic, sexy Caro
Player Caro
Black-Hornis Gaming Room

Black-Hornis says: Twitch is Cool!
this is at my free time!

Some people who already know that I like to play such online games have already asked me if I earn money with it. My answer is a clear: No! It's just fun and that's all it will be. I don't want to earn money in my spare time, I work way too much as it is (say some of my fans). My interest is obvious, I want to spend my free time with you, my dear fans, completely unvarnished and uncensored. Yours Caroline Berger

Black-Hornis at Twitch Caroline Berger Freetime
Black-Hornis & Caroline Berger

Live Recordings for Online Media

Topic Online Media:

It is completely clear that in the 21 century one reveals everything about oneself whether wanted or unwanted. I would like to reveal a lot about myself, including my recordings for you in the social networks.

You can watch, comment and link my personal and private or specially for the online world created digital content on my Black-Hornis social media channels as often as you like. I am always happy about new comments and likes!

You want to know what great and newest games a woman like me likes to play? So either you ask me personally on one of my social media channels or just scroll down here. There you will see nine games that I currently like to play.

If you like what I play, let's meet online and play together.

Black-Hornis & Caroline Berger Favorite Games
Caroline Berger
My closing words to you personally:
Gaming is a really cool thing. Now I am almost a gamer's wife 😅 😂 🤣. From 2021 on I will be online at Twitch for everyone who is interested in my leisure time activities and my gaming experience. Come by, let's talk and let's just play a little bit and have fun.
And now hit the keys, gamble a little ... good luck, have fun and we will see you at a game convention.
Your Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis.
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