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With us you have several ways to reach us. On the one hand, there are the classic possibilities by Telephone, E-Mail or simply come to one of our locations. Then you can also reach us via the numerous Social Media Channels of Black-Hornis.

Now it's your turn, just contact us now! If you have any criticism or improvements, ideas or suggestions, we would be happy to read them too.Please note the following: Caroline Berger alias Black-Hornis cannot be reached here. Thanks for your understanding! You would like to purchase a hand-signed Autograph Card? You can also do this simply by sending an E-Mail to the Black-Hornis Team.

Black-Hornnis Merchandise Shop will probably open its doors in 2021. We would like to invite your friends and family to the opening. We and of course Black-Hornis look forward to your contact with us.

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You have two easy ways to contact the Black-Hornis team from all over the world and in your native language.
You simply use the Facebook Chat button and communicate with the Black-Hornis Team in this simple way.
Or if you would like to send us a personal e-mail, please use the e-mail button here.
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