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Hey greet you in my single blog article, In this blog article I want to show you or as close as possible described, how I deal with my two personalities. On the one hand, I try to keep my two personalities apart. Once professionally and then again privately. In the online world I am 90 percent Black-Hornis. Privately in the offline world, I am Caroline Berger.

As Black-Hornis I am the woman you know from the many online communities, forums, profiles as well as accounts. Who is Black-Hornis? In short: Me! But Black-Hornis is more than just me as a person. Because Black-Hornis is a global brand (soon with its own online store) Black-Hornis is also a company with a headquarters in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg and in Florida, Miami. As you already read yourself, Black-Hornis is not just any name. Black-Hornis was founded in 2009 in Germany. Since then, Black-Hornis has been growing every day! Caroline Berger has no business here as a private person.

This single blog post article and other stories is about Black-Hornis & Caroline Berger. Learn more about the model and actress here. Do you want to learn more about my absolute crazy life, so you have on the following pages of my homepage, the free opportunities to do so. Learn for example how and what I store or about my self-made things also you can learn here what I do for a sport and much more.

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Can you recognize who is Caroline Berger and who is Black-Hornis on the four pictures below? Try to look at the four pictures carefully and try to figure it out. Because there are exactly 2 "professional" Black-Hornis pictures and 2 pictures with Caroline Berger privately. But don't pay attention to the background, the makeup or the facial features or hairstyles of me. It's really damn hard to guess. Nevertheless, I wish you fun and happiness.

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Caroline Berger

I hope I was able to give you a little insight into the two personalities in my body. I think now you understand why, when you meet me on the street, I look a bit stupid out of my clothes when people call me Black-Hornis. As already written in private I am Caroline Berger. Stay well in these uncertain and obscure times. Your Caro

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Caroline Berger is an international model & actress since 09/05. Caroline Berger is an entrepreneur since 2009 in Germany, Hamburg and the United States. The Black-Hornis® A&C Media Company LLC. Miami is internationally active.

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