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Hollywood - "The Mother of All Movies!" Who doesn't know the landmark Hollywood Hills, Hollywood performers that fuel news and our rumor mill on a daily basis. Then there's the famous #MeToo movement. We know this and much more from Hollywood. But do we really know Hollywood? The factory of dreams can do much, much more than just blow "negative" headlines of itself into the world. Let's take me for example, I would never have thought more than 10 years ago that I will ever stand in front of a Hollywood camera. If someone had told me that back then, I would have sent him to a psychologist.

I probably would have laughed out loud at the time and said, "Yeah right, me sitting here now as Caroline Berger or Black-Hornis to Hollywood?" At that time I had a film request via my digital channels, at first when I read that I thought ok, what kind of nonsense is that, who wants to screw me here. This movie matter caused me complete anxiety and confusion. I asked a good friend to look into this matter, it didn't take long and someone from the Hollywood dream factory came forward. So I got very close to Hollywood. And if I'm honest with you, I'm damn glad I had the courage to do it.Today, I am an integral part of a very large, kind, respectful, and especially loving Hollywood team. My experience in Hollywood with people, the stress and everything are quite positive until today after about 10 years. Thank you at this point to the team, which has welcomed me with heart in Hollywood and respects me as a person and especially as a newcomer and woman. You guys are really great!

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I Caroline Berger see myself even after infinite 10 years Hollywood still as a newcomer in this world. Even though I already have "camera experience" as a Black Hornet, something like this is still something completely differentthan what one knows. At that time every new news from Hollywood startled and also frightened me, today I can handle it completely different. Hollywood is not only a film factory or dream factory, it is also the mother of lifestyle. Because every woman wants to be like the one she just sees on the red carpet on TV, even if the Hollywood news about this personality is not necessarily positive. But enough of Hollywood, I Caroline Berger or Black-Hornis have arrived in Hollywood after more than ten years, I also understand the news and may not be the lifestyle person, but one thing I know, it's not all as it seems.

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Despite all the Hollywood lifestyle news, the countless stories, articles, demonstrations and eternal posts on various websites and social media portals. I, Caroline Berger or Black-Hornis remain active in Hollywood. Maybe we'll see each other again on your TV someday. On the eight pictures you get a little insight into my Hollywood life and lifestyle. That has brought me Hollywood positives to this day. Great lifestyle? Great life? Take a look behind the scenes! Yours, Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis.

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Caroline Berger is an international Model & Actress since 09/05. In 2009 Mrs. Berger founded her Media Company which is based in Hamburg & Miami. Caroline Berger is the Founder & CEO of:"Black-Hornis® A&C Media Company LLC. Miami".

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