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Hollywood star, lottery win, inheritance worth millions, a good economic idea or very good earnings through hard work. What can make you really rich today? Let's move on to the question: What actually is wealth? I, your Caroline Berger, have neither won the lottery, nor have I inherited, nor have I been blessed with a man worth millions. Unfortunately, all that has remained hidden from me in recent years. Everything that I own today, that I can afford, I owe to my sexy body, my head and my will to change something. I ask myself the question every day, is my life awesome or should I curse my lifestyle?

Where do I actually come from, who am I and how did it all begin? Many of you know me from certain erotic portals on the Internet as a so-called webcam girl and porn actress. Whether I am ashamed of my porn work ? No absolutely not, I stand by it! Here I began to earn my money with my body. Today I do this activity only rarely. It has always been fun for me, and if I had more time available today, I would still turn men's heads with the click of a mouse. Visit me here on my own porn site. I was born in Germany, Berlin and come from a family of craftsmen. Even as a child I knew gifts will be rare. I was never popular, I was rather the famous "black sheep", even today. All this did not stop me from following my dream. I upgraded my high school diploma to the German Abitur (the German diploma is more highly regarded in the US) at a private German preparatory school. I began to study during the erotic period. I studied economics and law, although I consider law to be a very dry subject. Along the way I had several temporary jobs and internships in several law firms, tax offices as well as with the Federal Police. All this brought me two high-quality university degrees. Today, my degrees bring me more profitability for my company, furthermore, the correct and proper handling of my money and for the performance optimization of my work. Achieve what you dream of too! You can do it too!

Caroline Berger
my horny or cursed Life?

So everything that I know, own, have learned to love and curse today, I have acquired all by myself from the beginning. Only in this way I am a free human being, I am not accountable to anybody or I am dependent on somebody. And nobody can take anything from me! Do I love it, do I find it awesome, or do I curse my life today? Will I ever answer this question for myself? But one thing I know, I am proud of myself! My life in six pictures.

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Some close people who deal with me say that I am a strong personality with courage and without dreams, because I live my dreams. I have achieved this only because I listened to myself, showed courage, did not let myself be diverted from my path. As well as having to fight with a lot of understanding support from others and friends.

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Caroline Berger is an international model & actress since 09/05. Caroline Berger is an entrepreneur since 2009 in Germany, Hamburg and the United States. The Black-Hornis® A&C Media Company LLC. Miami is internationally active.

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