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Caroline Berger who I am?

Hello, I am very pleased to see that you are interested in getting to know me and my Work better. What am I actually doing Caroline Berger? Well, since I am a Model / Actress, I first of all Shoot Films, Clips & Commercials and I also do Photo Shootings. For example, I take part in big and small Cinema Productions Worldwide, or I do Photo Shoots for Big clothing Brands. This is what I do passionately as a Model and Actress. I love my Job very much. Sometimes I also look at some Magazines and my work and criticize myself. I have received several Awards in the past for my very strenuous and sometimes nerve-racking work as a Model and Actress.

Global Plans +9.999

  • Erotic Movies

  • Advertising Clips

  • Films & More

Global Clients 74.056

  • Best Acting Arts

  • Good Performance

  • Best Multilingual

Global Awards 3

  • Best Creative Act

  • Best Actress 2017

  • Best Redhair Model

Without me!

Me & my measurements

Official Model Measurements:

At what point is one a "real" model? But what is a real model anyway? One thing will and always remains clear, a perfect model with perfect body measurements does not exist! What measurements do you need to be a model? Still 90-60-90!? And what other sizes are important: dress size, body size, BMI?Catwalk: 84-60-89, dress size 34 - 36 Catalog and advertising: 90-60-90, dress size 36 - 38Plus-size: 90-60-90, dress size 38+

Body size for models:The agencies' requirements for their models are quite high and, above all, precisely defined. For female models, the minimum height is 1.70 meters (however, many agencies do not take models under 1.75 meters). The ideal body size is between 1.73 and 1.79 meters.

Body measurements of a model:The "perfect" body measurements (at least if the agencies have their way) are made up of a model's chest, waist and hip measurements. The well-known 90-60-90 - coined by Marilyn Monroe in the 70s - are still more or less up to date. What has remained in any case: the distance of 30 centimeters between the individual parts. So if a model has a waist circumference of 58 cm, her bust and hip circumference would ideally be 88 cm. In terms of clothing size: for models, the dress size 34 to a maximum of 38 is a prerequisite, as well as a shoe size of 37 to 41.

Taking Measurements:

Where do you measure correctly? If you want to take your measurements, you need a tape measure and a large mirror. The measurement will be most accurate if you wear only underwear.

Measure chest circumference. Place the tape measure under your arms straight across your chest. The tape measure should be placed over the widest part of your chest - you can use the height of your nipples as a guide.

Measure your waist. To measure the circumference of your waist, place the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, about two fingers' width above your belly button.

Measure hip circumference This is the hardest part to measure, because even in the modeling industry, people measure very differently! The hip is actually measured at about the widest part. If you stand frontally in front of the mirror, you can see the spot very well. You then place the tape measure slightly under the widest part of the butt.

The fight against anorexia However, in recent years, the big model agencies have increasingly sought out extremely thin girls and taken them under contract. In order to stop this - and above all the eating disorder that it often causes in the girls - new guidelines have been laid down as part of the "National Charter of the German Textile and Fashion Industry". These state that female models must have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of at least 18.5 and be at least 16 years old (the "normal" entry age is 14).

Weight, height and measurements of known models Since every model agency has different requirements for their models and the exact desired measurements are not mentioned, it is very difficult to give exact model measurements. Therefore I have collected a few prominent examples for you! I have tried to create an average unit of measurement for models from these very different model measurements and endless research, for models. This would be about 84-60-86! So after all: Still very close to the classic Marilyn Monroe 90-60-90 type!

My personal opinion:I myself do not care about such measurements, I also do not care what and which label or designer wants my body from me! Or me its defaults would like to press on. I stand to my body!For example, if I feel like a bar of chocolate and then still ravenous for a chocolate ice cream, then I just do it without having to account to anyone! That's what I call being happy and enjoying freedom on the job!

Of course, I do not have the big world jobs as a model, but I work with a lot of fun, desire, commitment to it without pressure, stress and hectic. Despite my not "perfect 90-60-90 body" I can from my 2-3 model jobs monthly my income is about a five-digit figure and allows me in Germany a very comfortable life. Beauty and feeling good in your own body, that can not be pressed into a predetermined formula. Please do not forget! Feel good in your body, everything else is secondary!

Am I perfect? No, God knows not! Do I still have success? Yes very big even! Yours, Caroline.


  • Name: Caroline Berger

  • Born: February 22nd, 1987

  • Job: Actress & Model

  • Nationality: European


  • Body Type: Athletic & Toned

  • Weight: 150 lbs or 68 kg

  • Height: 5'9" or 175 cm

  • Hair Color: Red

  • Eye Color: Blue


  • Languages: German | English & more

  • Resident: Hamburg | Miami

  • Pseudonym & Brand: Black-Hornis

More of my Creatives & unbelievable Presentation of a Film Set.
How do you actually imagine a Film Set? Well I had before I saw a Film Set or this entered unbelievable, from today's point of view completely unrealistic ideas about such a Film Set.

On a Film Set or on the Area where a Film is being shot, there is usually a mood that can be described with three words: Patience, Stress & Hectic. Even as an actor I usually don't notice this, because at this time I usually sit in the Mask and get made up for the respective Scene.

Anyone who has ever been to a film set, or just stood there, or even walked past, knows that the most normal People in the World Work there. At the beginning of my Career, I had completely different Ideas. If you had told me eight Years ago that I would Work professionally in Film, I would have shown you a bird, L.O.L. I would never have dared to dream of working professionally among professionals on a Film Set. You want to know more about my services and offers? Follow me to my offers and services.

Below I have brought you a small collection of pictures from my worldwide work. These pictures were taken before and during the Corona crisis. Stay fit and healthy. Best regards to your Caroline.

Caroline Berger in NYC
Germany Film Set
Nature Advertising Footage
Mexican Film Set
Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis on Series Film Set