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My story from my life!

Hello, I welcome you. My name is Caroline Berger, I am lingerie, erotic and fetish photomodel and actress. Furthermore, I am managing director in my media company in Miami, Florida and Germany.

I'm traveling for national and international photographers and interesting topics around the world. In addition to my very interesting model gigs, I also work as an international actress. About my pseudonym Black Hornis you can find out more here: If you have a project that should be something else or look fancy, book me now, for her completely different, new and extraordinary photo or film project.

Originally I'm from Germany, but for five years I live in Miami. That's why I can speak German as well as English. As a busy businesswoman I work now and then in Germany specializing in the erotic and porn industry. Because I myself was successful in these industries for over twelve years. I know today what is important in the erotic and porn industries worldwide. Thanks to my former job, I was able to get to know the most beautiful countries, places, cultures, laws and people. That's why I have several years of experience in many fields of activity in their respective industries.

I have worked as a toiletwomen, beautician / stylist, table dancer, bodyguard (with training), actress in porn, webcam model, sex telephone operator, calendar model, adult commercial face, nude model, and much more ... No matter what jobs, I've always worked in the adult and porn industry. That's why I'm not new to this area. Through my years of experience and activities, today I know exactly what it means to be a professional actress or model.

Today I live quite withdrawn times in the US times in Germany and go to my job in my media company. Like me, my company is also active in the erotic and porn industry. Since I'm an actress, among other things, I was already allowed to participate in several series and films as well as premieres. Here in the US, I own several porn labels, an erotic and porn brand, as well as a successful US porn production company and marketing company.

Me or else said my erotic brand "Black Hornis" is today not only a media brand, but also its own fashion label.

As Black-Hornis, I am also involved in following portals, come and have a look: ManyVids , SkyPrivate, OnlyFans and my own Porn Side . My clips can be purchased for a fee from different sellers: Video on Demand platforms, adult online platforms, SmartTV app and other providers.

Greetings your Caroline.

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Fashion Photos

Fashion Photos Caroline Berger and Fashion Photography. Contrary to popular opinion, the world of fashion modeling offers almost everyone the opportunity to participate. Not everyone can become a high fashion model, but the world of commercial fashion modeling needs a wide range of ages, body types and the like. Caroline Berger is such a model and was already on the big catwalks of this world! She also met some designers and fashion designers. Fashion has been controversial like no other industry for years.But fashion photographyis and remains a true art for every viewer! The interaction between model, technique and creativity up to the complete finished picture, is again and again impressive even for experienced connoisseurs! Caroline Berger alias Black-Hornis has also had experience as a photo model in the fashion industry for over eight years. Experience your fashion works in a completely different way!

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Nature Images

Nature Images Caroline Berger and Nature Photography. Caroline has worked with several professional outdoor and lifestyle photographers across Europe, including a photo shoot for Patagonia. Caroline is for outdoor, fitness, lifestyle and stock photography. Caroline is also available for various art projects and modelled gallery works. Experience nature with all your senses, in a different way! Go out into nature and open your eyes and ears, you will be amazed! As a human being, you cannot prepare nature for yourself, just as you need your scenery. Here you need absolutely, true peace, patience and time, with it you reach for yourself your perfect result. Black-Hornis alias Caroline Berger and her outdoor photography also share with her results are really great masterpieces! Caroline at the interview: "I am always happy when I am invited by a nature photographer in the quiet nature," Beautiful nature photographs are, and always remain once again beautiful. "

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Erotic Arts

Erotic arts Caroline Berger and Erotic Photography. Caroline Berger is an erotic photo model for: sensual, fantastic and unique erotic DSM BDSM SM pornography as well as nude photos. These are so-called TFP shootings (Trade for Pics). If you are interested in nature, erotic or fashion photography, please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Experience erotic or nude photography with Caroline Berger aka Black-Hornis! Many people now associate nude photography with pornography and their dirty thoughts, that's just wrong! Naked does not always mean "naked meat"! Nude, erotic, and lingerie photography. I've been very active in the porn industry for years, so you know the difference very well! I am looking forward to your inquiry! Caroline at the interview on "Erotic Arts":"I'm honest when I say that eroticism is one of my favorites among photography, I like to have my body or body photographed by a qualified professional photographer, why not?" You should definitely try it out! "

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